Ramtrade Worldwide specializes in directly supplying frozen meat and poultry products to a growing international market. We have over 35 years of global meat and poultry export experience. Originally starting out trading American beef to Europe the company swiftly became involved in multiple and diverse markets and regions.

Our subsequent experience and expansion includes supplying meats and poultry from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Our activities in Russia, Africa and the Middle East remain strong due to our ability to offer competitive and highly reasonable pricing as a result of our maintaining substantial meat and poultry inventory in North and South America. In the Middle East we have grown to become one of the leading export organizations supplying Halal beef and chicken from Brazil and the United States. We offer Halal food products, which abide by Islamic law. Halal food is the fastest growing food sector in the world. It already accounts for 17 percent of the global food market, according to the World Halal Forum. In 2010, halal food is expected to generate sales of more than 45 billion euros in Europe alone.

Procurement, shipping and logistics are coordinated from our offices in the US and Brazil. Sales and Distribution activity is managed in our offices and warehouses in the US.

Ramtrade prides itself on successfully maintaining close relationships that allow us direct access to supply markets (producers, frigorificos and shipping companies worldwide), a quality multilingual staff, and a thorough knowledge and a wealth of experience in the global meat and poultry sector. We can help you to feel at ease in the world of international meat supply and trading.

Our expertise spans markets worldwide and our ability to maintain inventory and make forward commitments allows us to respond promptly and directly to your needs. We maintain our commitments and responsibilities worldwide to our strategic producer and customer partners.

RAMTRADE continues to be your proven partner in supplying the world with frozen meats from North & South America. From Brazil, the US and around the world, you can always count on us.

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