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RAMTRADE WORLDWIDE is your proven partner in supplying the world with frozen meats from North and South America. We are a multi sourcing commodities company with producer facilities and strategic partnerships in South America. With our wealth of experience we can help you to feel at ease in the world of international meat supply and trading. Our specialized business expertise is in directly exporting meat and poultry products from our South American producer partners to our clients throughout the world. We also maintain and trade our inventory of meat and poultry from North America.

Brazil is to commodities what China is to manufactured goods. Brazil is the leader in meat and poultry exports, surpassing the United States. Brazil is home to the world' s largest commercial cattle herd and is now firmly established as the leading supplier of beef to world markets.

Many people are surprised to hear that Brazil is actually the fifth largest country in the world by population and size is by far the largest Portuguese-speaking nation on the globe. The strongest growth among meat exporting nations in the past ten years has been in Brazil, where low land costs and the construction of new meat processing facilities have enabled Brazil to reach more export markets. Only Brazil will gain farm export volume in the coming decade.

Brazil continues to strengthen its position as the world' s leading meat exporter, with shipments of beef, poultry and pork together generating more than $10 billion last year. With some of the lowest production costs in the world, the Brazilian livestock sector is able to supply an increasingly sophisticated range of products at prices which few of its competitors are able to match. From Brazil and the United States and around the world, you can count on us.

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